According to Sprout Worth, over half of the most effective content marketers put out new content types for their readers at least several times a week, if not every single day. And, 70% of KISSmetric’s traffic is primarily from in-depth original content that sits on the search engines top results pages. The best content will always win when it comes to being in the marketing mix.

Digital content creation is an important part of digital strategy. Every piece of content you create—including eNewsletters, white papers, blog posts, case studies and more—should be carefully crafted and designed to drive prospects to your brand, multiply organic reach and increase conversions.

Content development is not the same as content publishing. No, we’ll leave that to the journalists. With content development, development is the definitive word. You see, it’s the development that determines the content. If it were the other way round, it would be journalism. And that’s not what we do. Definitely not. We’re all about the process. The analysis and iteration of content. The measuring, adjusting and recreating of it. Content development is strategic!