How can Global Recognized Vendor Certification benefit the FET / TVET Curriculum?
Their exist a definite overlap of content and outcomes of the educational curriculum based on FET / TVET Subjects. This overlap creates a duplication, where students must continue to pursue further certification perfecting their career. Identifying the gap, G-CITI DIGITAL has embarked on creating an awareness of the potential and lasting impact of integrating global recognized vendor certification into FET / TVET Colleges. 
With the partnership of 4IR Skills Initiative, more than 30 000 students across South Africa has obtain global certifications, making them immediately industry ready! 
According to Microsoft, Certifications fuel new and valuable careers. Microsoft Certified Professionals spend less time interviewing and more time driving value. Adding a Microsoft certification to your resume helps you stand out and get hired—faster. In some cases, certification has allowed hiring managers to fill positions 25% more quickly. What’s more, certified new hires are fully productive an entire month sooner than their uncertified peers. This level of productivity makes your impact and skills clearly stand out.

If it’s true that time is money, then earning a Microsoft certification is certainly worth the time. On average, Microsoft certified technologists earn 15% more than their uncertified peers. What’s more, certified employees are often entrusted with supervising their peers—putting you on the fast track for a promotion. 

The 2018 IT Skills and Salary Report from Global Knowledge confirms that skills gaps are a global concern.  In their survey of 14,300 IT professionals worldwide, more than two-thirds of the IT decision-makers reported a gap between their team’s skill levels and the knowledge required to achieve organizational objectives.  The increased need to match employer needs with workforce skills points out the value of certification.

Certification, particularly entry-level certification, helps to build a skilled workforce that meets the needs of local employers and government tech initiatives. By offering the right balance of academic excellence and real-world skills, you can give students the confidence and motivation they need to succeed both in school and in a profitable career.

Certification improves academic performance 

Several studies show that students who earn certification have an increased graduation rate, increased post-secondary enrollment and improved confidence. 

Certification makes a resume stand out! 

Adobe asked current and aspiring digital media professionals about the essentials for launching a successful digital media career.  When asked what would make a digital media professional’s resume stand out in lieu of experience, 61% said a demonstrable knowledge of digital design tools and 44% said digital media certifications from a top-tier company. 


Certificates are given at the end of a course, usually covering a single topic. They are often given for participation in the course and not necessarily a reflection of merit. In terms of Microsoft or Adobe, students undertake international exam that includes a high quality standard, and scores above 70% in 1 hour, will obtain a recognized industry certificate.One of the more appealing aspects of obtaining a global vendor certification is that you don’t have to have prior educational experience or upgrade any courses to begin.


A recent study suggests that college graduates don’t seem to be as ready to enter the workforce as they think they are. Having global vendor certifications that show potential employers that you have the practical knowledge you need to succeed in your job is invaluable in this context.


When all else seems equal, the number of certifications you’ve compiled will set you apart from your competition. It is not just that you have the certifications and the skills that come with them, but it demonstrates a drive for self-improvement that speaks highly to your character.


The reality is that there is still a lingering mentality that formal education is important. A Microsoft / Adobe / IC3 / Auto Desk certification is where education and practical knowledge intersect. It meets the requirement of post-secondary education that focuses on teaching you the things you will actually need to know in the real world.


Africa in its diversity in education, unites with global vendor certification. The certification will act as a common denominator, standardizing skills in Africa, subsequently unite African Students to become one.