SciPro+, a Sweden based company in partnership with G-CITI DIGITAL SA to deliver higher education tech solutions for Africa! The partnership were conceived in Ivor Coast, where both respective founders and edtech entrepreneurs of their organization, Llewellyn Scholtz & Prof Henrick Hansson casually chatted after the end of a prestigious E-Learning Conference. Both presented their research and edtech solutions through presentations and discussions and felt inspirational to share their work on a global level! The casual chat ended in a potential partnership where two continents cemented to change lives, through changing minds. 

 Thesis Management  System

An online ICT support system for management and supervision of thesis at bachelor, master and PhD education levels. It has been designed to help manage thesis writing at a whole university, fulfilling administrators’, supervisors’ and students’ needs. Thesis are submitted into the Global Idea Bank! 
SciPro was found to lead to a major increase in completed theses when implemented at Stockholm University’s Department of Computer Science. It led to an increase from 53 to 570 over five years, with a only a doubling of supervisors. Visit 



 Global Idea Bank

If research / thesis could be aligned to SDGs more efficiently impact on society would be greater and the meaningfulness of thesis work would increase for all stakeholders: student, supervisor, university and society. Thesis work is already funded, if utilised more efficiently millions of work hours could be used for free in work-related SD Goals. With improved university-industry collaboration, innovative R&D solutions, growth and graduate employability will increase. Also, large scale international research peer groups would be created within the 17 SDG areas. Visit